You need to find affordable insurance programs for landscapers

Landscaping workers' compensation insurance protects employers from excessive costs resulting from accidents on a landscaped property. All landscaping companies or workers should have Landscaping Workers' Compensation insurance. The policy covers employee injuries from falling, hitting an object, or being hurt in any other way while on the job.

Landscape Workers' Compensation Insurance is typically very affordable, since it will cover most, if not all, of the rehabilitation costs. Rehabilitation and hospital fees for landscape workers are typically covered in some workers compensation policies. Depending on the policy terms, landscape workers compensation insurance can be used to pay injured workers. Landscaping Workers Compensation Insurance policies may pay benefits even if the injury occurs at another person's residence.

Landscape Workers Compensation Insurance rates and coverage vary from state to state, but most companies charge premiums between 9 and 10%. You and your employees may be protected from financial hardship if you are injured on the job by landscaping workers compensation insurance.

The following expenses can be covered by workers' compensation:

  • Expenses associated with immediate medical care such as ambulance rides or emergency room visits
  • Medical costs, including medication
  • Wages lost while the employee is unable to work

The following are other important policies for landscaping businesses

It provides some protection for your employees and to a certain extent for your business.

Landscape business owners should also consider:

  • General liability insurance:
    Covers personal injury and property damage caused by an insured party, such as a tree cutting company damaging a fence.
  • Commercial auto insurance:
    This policy covers the vehicles owned by your landscaping company. Typically, it pays for accidents, theft, and certain types of vehicle damage.
  • Contractor’s tools and equipment insurance:
    If landscaping equipment or tools are lost, stolen, or damaged, this policy can pay for repair or replacement.

Class Code 0042 | Landscaping - All Employees

This code covers providers of residential and commercial landscaping and hardscaping services. Frequently, landscaping services focus on the aesthetics of the grounds. Retaining walls, stone patios, plant and shrub planting, and erosion control are all examples. A little bit of clearing and grading may be required. Additionally, this NCCI class code includes sod installation.

Landscape services are often offered with lawn maintenance services: class code 9102. Maintaining accurate payroll records enables a company to document work done under each class code and split payments during an annual workers' compensation audit. Otherwise, an insurance provider will charge you for the highest costly class code.

What is the cost of landscaping insurance?

Under the landscaper class code, customers generally pay about $6.00 per $100 of payroll for workers' compensation. It costs approximately $1,100.00 per year to insure a general liability policy.

Workers' compensation costs

  • Payroll determines the cost of Workers' Compensation
  • You will be charged based on your state and EMR rating
  • Rates can vary depending on the type of landscaping work
  • Premium discounts and policy credits may apply