Find out how much Janitorial Workers Compensation Insurance can cost you

The janitorial workers compensation insurance offers you peace of mind during business hours. Having a comprehensive policy for your janitors while they are employed by you will cover all types of accidents and illnesses. Janitorial Workers Comp Insurance is a good option if you are seeking a policy for your business. By making sure you are covered, you can be assured that your company is getting the best possible outcome by choosing good insurance coverage.

Different insurance companies have different policies and objectives which determine how these quotes are formed. When you are looking for janitorial insurance quotes, you should take certain things into consideration. First of all, you need to understand the difference between general liability insurance and private medical insurance.

  • General Liability Insurance:
    Designed to provide the necessary peace of mind so that you can focus on other management decisions and ensure adequate cover for serious incidents if they are to occur at your establishment.
  • Private Medical Insurance:
    This is designed to protect you from financial losses caused by an injury or illness.

Nevertheless, if you are able to get both types of insurance, it would be best to choose a policy with a lower premium and a longer period of coverage. The purpose of Janitorial Workers Compensation Insurance is to protect your business against any injuries or illnesses that your employees might suffer at work. The number of hours spent at the office makes these professionals more susceptible to common illnesses like diarrhea and small wounds. You can also protect your property with this type of insurance. You are not liable for the costs of treating an employee if he is injured or becomes ill at your workplace.

Why do Janitorial businesses need workers' compensation insurance?

Janitorial and cleaning professionals may easily be injured at work, so they should have appropriate insurance coverage in case of an accident. Cleaning and janitorial workers may also need workers' compensation, commonly referred to as workers' compensation.

Workers' compensation coverage is not only legally required for most cleaning and janitorial businesses with employees, but it also reduces financial risk by protecting the business.

Worker's compensation claims require $5 in indirect costs - such as lost productivity, hire and retain cleaning and janitorial staff, and replace or repair damaged equipment - to every dollar spent.

What coverage can workers’ comp insurance provide for janitorial services?

There are three primary areas of coverage under workers' compensation insurance:

  • Expenses related to employee injury and illness
  • Employee injury lawsuits
  • State law compliance

Expenses related to employee injury and illness

In the event that an employee is injured on the job, workers' compensation insurance helps cover:

  • Costs associated with an ambulance ride and an emergency room visit
  • Medical costs such as medications and physical therapy
  • Employees who are unable to work are entitled to partial lost wages
  • Death benefits

Each state sets its own requirements for workers' compensation

Workers' compensation laws are determined by each individual state, which means that the rules applicable to your business will depend on where you do business.