Learn about excavation contractors' insurance options.

If you are working in the building and construction industry, one of your essential jobs is that of having to acquire and keep current work healthcare coverage for yourself and your family. You can receive workers' compensation benefits if you are injured on the job if you are covered by an Excavation Workers Compensation Insurance plan.

The rates that Excavation Workers Compensation Insurance policies can charge are based upon the number of days in a year that you work. The kind of coverage that you purchase can also set the rate that you pay. There are a number of types of policies that will offer different levels of coverage. It’s possible to pay for only a certain variety of days, a specific dollar amount of coverage, or to have a level of coverage that will cover any scenario. Numerous insurers provide you with the option of picking in between various levels of protection.

To identify whether you receive workers compensation benefits, you'll be required to go through a detailed evaluation process that examines your occupational and physical therapy, your ability to work, your past claims, and any other information related to your condition. If you have actually been hurt on the job, you'll also need to get copies of any reports or invoices associated with your injuries. This information can help your claim be approved much faster. In many cases, you'll get a look for the proper amount of benefits when you file your claim.

Medical costs and partially lost wages can be covered by workers' compensation insurance.

Among the benefits provided by workers' compensation are:

  • Expenses related to immediate medical care, including emergency room expenses
  • Continual medical expenses, such as physical rehabilitation
  • Inability to work partially results in lost wages
  • Building and contracting entrepreneurs are protected by workers' compensation
  • When a worker sues a company owner over an injury, the company's liability coverage - usually composed of workers' compensation coverage - protects general contractors, roofers, and other building businesses.

When employees are injured, workers' compensation coverage protects them. Both parties benefit financially from these arrangements.

  • Injuries and accidents happen. An employees' compensation policy is a no-fault system that spends for these mishaps and claims. It's required by law in most states.
  • Loss of income replacement for staff members not able to carry out tasks
  • Medical costs for workers hurt on the job
  • Retraining expenditures for staff members unable to return
  • Permanent injury or special needs for lasting injuries
  • Survivor benefits if employees are killed on the job

What Is the Cost of Excavation Insurance?

Customers typically spend approximately $5.25 per $100 of payroll on workers' compensation under the excavation class code. An average cost for basic liability insurance is about $1,750.00.

Employees' Compensation Costs

  • Work Compensation is priced based upon payroll
  • Your state and other factors will impact your expense
  • The kind of excavation work can customize rates
  • Premium discounts and policy credits might be usable