Find more affordable Workers Comp Insurance with Amazon Delivery Service 

When it comes to getting Amazon Delivery Service Workers Compensation Insurance, it is essential to consider many factors. One significant element is determining working conditions. Because Amazon Delivery Service partner’s employees work in certain hazardous professions, they are entitled to certain benefits to protect themselves from the risks associated with their employment. Amazon Delivery Service Workers’ Compensation Benefits are critical components in assisting partners and workers in protecting themselves.

Amazon Delivery Service Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This is insurance that protects employees against accidents and property damage sustained while working for Amazon Delivery Service. It is critical for all employees to obtain this kind of insurance to safeguard their future. If an employee is injured or suffers other property damage on the job, Amazon Delivery Service Workers’ Compensation Insurance will compensate them. With the massive number of products delivered every day to consumers worldwide, this insurance is critical for the individuals hired by Amazon to deliver these things.

What is Business Workers Compensation Insurance?

Workers’ comp is an insurance policy that provides coverage for injuries and damages sustained by employees while working for your company. When selecting this kind of insurance for your workers, it’s important to examine the type of job performed by your personnel. For example, if they do courier or warehouse work, they may need a different kind of insurance than someone picking up goods at a retail shop.

Insurance Requirements for the Amazon DSP Program

DSP Partners must comply with the following insurance criteria in order to contract with Amazon and deliver shipments and goods to Amazon customers as part of the Delivery Service Program:

  • Employers Liability and Workers' Compensation policies having a minimum limit of $1,000,000
  • Insurance coverage for general liability exceeding $1,000,000 per incident and $2,000,000 in the aggregate
  • Business Auto Liability coverage for personal injury and property damage up to $1,000,000 per occurrence
  • Legal Liability for Cargo more than $25,000 per loss

All policies must be written with insurers who have an A- or higher rating with A.M. Best. Carriers must agree to inform Amazon of any policy cancellations 30 days in advance. Amazon must be included as an extra insured on general liability and vehicle insurance. Primary coverage must be obtained on an incident-by-incident basis. It should also contain a subrogation waiver identifying Amazon as an additional insured.