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How does Workers’ Compensation Insurance work?

Employers can protect themselves from the risks of claim costs that may put everyone's business at risk by obtaining workers’ Compensation insurance.

Why Workers’ compensation insurance from Zurich?

Employees are the lifeblood of every business. As a result, our solutions extend beyond insurance and can include a worker safety plan aimed at reducing injury rates and their effect on your company. Zurich also offers regional expertise, which enables you to concentrate on operating your company rather than on worker’s compensation laws, which differ by state.

Injuries and illnesses sustained due to work are covered by workers’ compensation. Employees who suffer long-term injuries such as back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, etc. are also covered.

The workers' compensation system consists of several programs, including:

  • 1

    Direct Payments

    Beneficiaries are paid in cash without having to wait for claim processing. DP covers short-term disabilities but does not cover permanent disabilities.

  • 2

    Payments Supplementary 

    Insurers pay out benefits to individuals with no dependents or limited income. Claimants can receive temporary assistance from SP until they reach 65, when they become eligible for Social Security retirement benefits. In some states, people over 55 have access to supplemental benefits that provide greater monthly benefits than Medicare.

When Should I File a Claim?

In the event that you have suffered a workplace injury, you should file a claim as soon as possible. To file a lawsuit against your employer, you should consult a lawyer right away. The majority of small claims are not resolved through normal channels within a few months so, if you delay it, you will be less likely to receive enough money to cover your damages in full. Additionally, keep in mind that most companies only offer limited liability when dealing with small claims.

Essential coverage

Zurich provides workers' compensation insurance in all jurisdictions outside of monopolistic ones, and our Stop-Gap coverage and global capabilities enable us to provide coverage no matter where your employees work. We can provide the protection you and your workforce need, whether it is medical care for injured workers, wage-loss replacement, or employer liability provisions.

Work Comp from Zurich

Zurich target classes for workers' compensation

Businesses on Main Street, including: 

  • Professionals of All Types
  • Retail Establishments
  • Clubs of Various Types
  • Restaurants
  • Independent and Charter Schools
  • Wholesalers of Food Processing
  • Automotive Repair Services Automotive Repair
  • Massage Parlors

Zurich is the place to shop for your work comp

Workers’ compensation claims may assist in covering out-of-pocket medical costs and lost wages due to time off work. Compensation for work-related injuries is not automatic. You must submit a claim within a specific time period.

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