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The Wisconsin Compensation Ranking Bureau (WRCB) helps Wisconsin businesses in selecting the most cost-effective impairment insurance plan for their workers.

The Wisconsin Compensation Ranking Bureau can help you with navigating the state's worker's compensation system and determining your eligibility for benefits. If you need more information or wish to make a claim under Wisconsin's statutes, you should contact the Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau. They provide legal information and services to assist you in determining if you are eligible for worker's compensation payments in Wisconsin. If you are found to be eligible for Wisconsin worker's compensation, you must see an attorney to determine your next actions.

Wisconsin Compensation is mainly concerned with the compensation package that arises above the underlying premium. Additionally, Wisconsin Compensation provides equitable treatment to those with long-term and short-term special needs.

The State Fund Protects All Business Owners

The WCRB administers the Wisconsin Insurance Pool. They are responsible for the administration of the State Fund, the Assigned Threat program, and the state's Classification System. When a business cannot get workers compensation insurance via a commercial insurer, state fund insurance is often required.

Their services include:

  • Protection Provided Irrespective of Prior Claim History

Each business has been classified into a number of categories to ensure that it is comparable to other employers involved in similar business operations.

  • 1

    Manually Calculated Rate

    The classifier's accumulated experience determines the "manual rate" for each classification. The manual rate, or premium per payroll unit, is just the "usual" cost of presenting the group's "average" circumstances.

  • 2

    Typical Cost

    The "normal" cost is determined by the group's experience with both more and less "risky" services and does not take into account a company's success in avoiding workplace hazards.

  • 3

    Rate on an Average

    The "average" rate is modified to reflect the degree of safety inherent in each employer's business processes, as determined by their experience. The average rate is adjusted in percentage terms by crediting or debiting the experience ranking adjustment depending on how much better or worse a company's experience is compared to the group average.

    When a risk produces a qualifying premium based on payrolls or other exposures recorded in accordance with the Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Statistical Plan Manual, the risk qualifies for intrastate experience ranking (WI Statistical Plan Manual). A certifying premium is earned when payrolls or other direct exposures developed during the last year or last two years of the experience period generate a premium equal to at least twice the Experience Rating Eligibility amount displayed in the WCRB's Miscellaneous Values Table; or when exposures from more than the last two years of the experience period generate, at the time of certification, a pre-certified premium.

    The Insurance Commissioner's Office, in collaboration with the Department of Workforce Advancement's Worker's Compensation Division and the Wisconsin Compensation Score Bureau, maintains that employers are prohibited from encouraging or excusing experts, representatives, or insurance companies from paying any portion of medical and/or indemnity expenses resulting from work-related injuries. The insurance industry must be notified of any worker's compensation injury claims.

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