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Utah Business Insurance Company was founded on the idea of providing a complete insurance program that allows employees to choose from a variety of policy lines. UBIC - Utah Business Insurance Company has been designated one of The Wall Street Journal's top twenty business insurance firms and is rated fourth overall. Utah Business Insurance Company is licensed to conduct business in Utah and is one of a small number of companies that offers direct employee underwriting.

Premiums for a UBIC plan are determined by an employee's health and length of service with the business. Both of these variables have an effect on the UBIC premium paid by the employee. If an employee develops chronic health issues, his or her UBIC premium will be greater if they only recently joined the company than if the person has been with the same business for decades.

Additionally, the following variables affect an individual's premium:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Longevity
  • Medical History
  • Home Location
  • And More

Utah Business Insurance Company benefits programs provide two types of coverage for employees.

  • PPO plan

    A PPO plan is an insurance policy that directly benefits an employee. The benefit may be a proportion of the employee's premiums paid, a flat fee, an investment fund, or a mix of the two.

    An employee must fulfill the following criteria:

    • At least one year of employment with the business 
    • At least 21 years of age
  • UHP plan
     A UHP is a unique health plan. The price for a UHP is greater than the cost for a PPO since there is assurance of coverage. UHP plans cover just the individual to whom they are given, and there is no assurance that he or she will ever need coverage. UHP coverage is offered only to UBIC members. Other self-employed or owner-occupied plans are available in Utah.

Need for UBIC Workers Compensation

As part of its expansion plans in the near future, UBIC hopes to enter Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Illinois. Low minimum premiums start at $1,000.00 and they have an "A" financial stability rating. Worker’s compensation coverage is provided by UBIC for the vast majority of construction classification codes as well as other sectors.

UBIC's target classes for workers' compensation are as follows:

  • Artisan Contractors and Construction
  • Contractors in Roofing and HVAC
  • Construction and Erection of Steel
  • Constructing Concrete Carpentry Work Installing Wallboard
  • Paperhanging and Painting

Directed at employers

We work with our policyholders to effectively mitigate and avoid loss. This is accomplished via tight collaboration with the policyholder and agent throughout the loss-control process. Safety in the workplace is an investment that will pay rewards for your business. Long-term sustainable cost reductions in workers' compensation are possible if safety is prioritized.

While you may not be able to avoid every workplace mishap, you can:

  • Correct hazardous working conditions and practices
  • Employees must be trained to identify and remove risks
  • Ensure that everyone is responsible for safety

Why Get a Quote from Utah Business Insurance Company (UBIC)?

  • Focus on safety, training, and personalized service.
  • Providing customers cost-effective workers' compensation coverage
  • Responding quickly and professionally
  • Lower Costs
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Stress
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