Strategic Comp offers affordable workers' compensation coverage

Strategic Workers Compensation covers a significant number of employers and employees with worker’s compensation. Employees may seek compensation for lost earnings and medical costs incurred as a consequence of an on-the-job accident or sickness via Strategic Worker’s Compensation.

Employees are also protected against discrimination in employment, promotion, and termination under the Insurance Employer's Responsibility Act. Additionally, it mandates that businesses pay worker’s compensation benefits to qualified employees and their dependents.

Worker’s Compensation

Workers' compensation legislation defines it as an employer's duty to compensate any employee who has been harmed on the job. Compensation may take the form of a monetary settlement, increased time off, compensation for pain and suffering, or retraining. For many businesses, offering worker’s compensation benefits is cost efficient since it lowers turnover, administrative expenses associated with state taxes and insurance premiums, and offers extra employee perks such as vacation days, sick leave, and health insurance.

Paid Loss Aggregate Deductible

The Strategic Worker’s Comp Paid Loss Aggregate Deductible program accepts accounts with a good loss history as well as those with a bad loss history and large e-mods.

The following is an explanation of how it works:

  • Change the model:
    To begin, you enroll your customers in a novel aggregate deductible program that enables them to obtain much better results while pocketing the additional money. This company’s deductible approach limits their exposure and eliminates the need for layered security.
  • Reduce hazards:
    Following that, the company’s loss control specialists will suggest straightforward, realistic methods for customers to minimize workplace accidents and assist them in implementing those improvements.
  • Limited Claims for Adjusters:
    Finally, customers benefit from highly engaged, local field adjusters who handle a limited number of cases. Field adjusters handle an average of 60 cases.

Sectors we cover

  • Agriculture & Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Services to Businesses
  • Construction
  • Institutions of Culture
  • Institutions of Higher Learning
  • Energy \Equine \Equipment
  • Financial Institutions
  • Consumption & Beverage
  • Manufacturing in Healthcare, Hospitality, and Leisure
  • Marine
  • Non-profit Organizations & Social Services
  • Services Professionals
  • Property Management & Building Maintenance
  • Transportation Wholesale & Distribution Retail Technology

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