Previsor Insurance may help you save money on workers' compensation insurance.

Previsor was founded to better service the workers compensation requirements of Missouri companies operating in several states. It specializes in workers' compensation. Previsor Insurance is more than an insurance; we are a partner in workers compensation.

The company works with independent agents to offer you with a cost-effective policy and value-added services that are supported by Missouri Employer Mutual's financial strength, which is rated A- (outstanding) by A.M. Best.

All new workers should obtain Previsor Workers Compensation Insurance; benefits and coverage may vary according to the requirements and budget of the business. Some companies offer insurance solely to managers, while others demand insurance for all workers. When compared to more comprehensive plans, this kind of insurance is less costly. However, it may aid in the protection of a wounded or ill employee's interests, as well as the interests of their family members. Workers' compensation insurance may offer essential coverage in the case of a lawsuit for families and people suffering from work-related injuries or illnesses.

Reduced Rates and Superior Service

Previsor is a multi-state insurance business with several state licenses. They target a range of small to medium-sized businesses with one or more workers. Previsor is also an A-rated insurance business that specializes in the following products and services.

  • Underwriting that is adaptable
  • Accepted class codes include a wide range of categories
  • Compensation for employees on a pay-as-you-go basis
  • Outstanding claim management

When selecting the appropriate Previsor Workers Compensation Insurance coverage, it is essential for the prospective policyholder to grasp the distinction between short- and long-term insurance. Both provide varying levels of coverage and benefits, as well as various rates and exclusions.

Coverage on a short-term basis

This is often applied when an employee is recruited on a temporary basis and will need medical care just during that time period. Annual medical coverage is required, while workers' compensation insurance may be bought monthly or quarterly. Purchasing monthly coverage provides the employee with additional choices and, possibly, greater access to benefits if they are unexpectedly diagnosed with a medical condition.

Coverage on a long-term basis

Long-term workers are often individuals who have worked for the same company for many years, the owner is familiar with the risks of their employment, and the firm has developed processes for dealing with employee accidents and illnesses on the job. They have developed a relationship of trust with management, which enables them to work securely and with the assurance that their rights will be safeguarded.

Previsor Workers Compensation Insurance is a unique kind of workers' compensation insurance in that it does not need an annual physical examination by an independent physician. Previsor Workers Compensation Insurance is designed to safeguard workers on short-term contracts from costly and lengthy health-related difficulties. Insurance firms are obliged by law to offer this kind of compensation insurance to long-term employees, but are not compelled to do so for new, shorter-term employees. Previsor Workers Compensation Insurance is designed to cover workers who have been injured or become sick on the job.

Why Get a Quote from Previsor Insurance?

  • Work comp is all we do
  • Backed by the financial strength of Missouri Employers Mutual (MEM)
  • Short term and long term coverage available
  • Outstanding claim management
  • Payment plan options
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