PMC provides affordable workers' compensation coverage.

PMC Workers Compensation Insurance is a kind of workers' compensation given by the employer. Employers may offer PMC Workers Compensation Insurance to their employees either directly or as part of their external healthcare benefits. Employers will cover the cost of PMC Workers Compensation Insurance, as well as a part of the premiums that workers would pay if they sought medical treatment on their own. Some companies may offer this in their employee benefit packages, while others do not. PMC Workers Compensation Insurance may be purchased alone or as part of a larger group insurance package.

Businesses who do not offer this specific insurance to their employees have alternatives for providing workers compensation coverage, but the company sticks by their plans as being some of the best available. Numerous businesses have opted for group insurance and similar kinds of coverage, which offers their workers superior benefits and peace of mind compared to purchasing their own insurance. Reduced monthly rates, coverage for pre-existing illnesses, and coverage for workers who are deemed handicapped are just some of the advantages. This type of insurance often comes with additional advantages. Several benefits include lower premiums, less burden on the business, and a choice of plans.

PMC is a nationwide distributor of insurance having licenses in the majority of states. They provide services to a diverse variety of small to midsize businesses with three or more workers.

Among their services are the following:

  • Access to a diverse array of insurance coverage choices
  • Expertise in claims handling
  • Simple payment methods
  • Discounts and credits on insurance policies

Customized Solutions to Meet Your Clients' Every Need

  • National-level programs
    Utilize unique and semi-exclusive learning opportunities in Healthcare, Home Health, Transportation, and Temporary Staffing.
  • Guaranteed Low-Cost Products
    The carrier assumes all liabilities and administrative expenses, and the insured pays an up-front/annual premium to cover these costs.
  • Programs That Are Loss Sensitive
    We provide tailor-made solutions for your customers that want complete control over their losses. These plans provide a cash flow benefit since claims are paid out over time rather than via a guaranteed cost program.
  • Small Business Services
    A wide appetite and adaptable solutions to assist small companies with cash flow management.
  • Alternatives
    We provide a variety of workers compensation options, including PEOs, captives, international compensation, and USH&L coverage.

Numerous variables influence the premium an employer charges for PMC benefits. One of such variables is the cost of insurance per employee. Costs associated with PMC insurance in general, as well as the cost of insuring a single employee vs a whole department, are other considerations. If you want to avoid paying higher rates for PMC insurance, you may buy a group coverage rather than an individual one.

Advocacy and Claims Administration

  • Risk and Trend Study
    Identifying underlying organizational hazards via an analysis of historical claims and reserves, as well as evaluating claims for reduction or closure.
  • Periodic Claims Reviews
    Scheduled reviews of claims on a regular basis, including adjusters/carriers as required.

Discounted Risk Management and Safety Products

  • Drug screening and testing kits
  • A summary of background checks
  • Integrity examinations
  • Safety education
  • Protective clothing and equipment

Why Get a Quote from PMC Insurance Group?

Top Industry Programs

  • Amazon Delivery Service Insurance
  • Assisted Living Insurance
  • Agriculture And Forestry Insurance
  • Auto Repair Insurance
  • Courier Insurance
  • Contractor Insurance
  • Daycare Insurance
  • Education Insurance
  • Electrician Insurance
  • Excavation Insurance
  • Flooring Contractor
  • Home Health Care Insurance
  • Hotel Insurance
  • HVAC Insurance
  • Janitorial Insurance
  • Landscaping Insurance
  • Transportation Insurance
  • Office Insurance
  • Pay As You Go
  • Plumbing Insurance
  • Professional Insurance
  • Restaurant Insurance
  • Retail Insurance
  • Roofing Insurance
  • Staffing Insurance
  • Technology Insurance
  • Towing Insurance
  • Trucking Insurance