With Missouri Employers Mutual (MEM) Workers Compensation, you can find great coverage

Missouri Employers Mutual is more than an insurance business; it is a collaborative partner in the field of workers compensation. MEM is solely dedicated to workers' compensation insurance.

Since 1995, Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance has aided policyholders in saving lives and money by encouraging safe workplaces across the state. Missouri Employers Mutual Workers Compensation is a group insurance policy designed specifically for Missouri's small companies. According to Missouri law, it must offer all benefits to covered workers and their spouses.

Why should you choose MEM workers compensation over other types of workers compensation?

Missouri Employers Mutual is now the state's biggest workers compensation insurer. They established their first workers compensation insurance in 1995 after receiving a $5 million loan from the state. As a consequence of their efforts, MEM currently provides some of the lowest rates in Missouri for certain class codes. Their first focus is safety, and they provide complimentary services to policyholders. MEM Insurance currently has an A- rating from A.M. Best.

Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Company is an excellent option for your insurance requirements.

MEM is a Missouri-based workers compensation insurer with its headquarters in Columbia. The company has a solid reputation for delivering superior safety services and claims management. In 2014, they launched a new Safety Service Center called WorkSAFE.

As medical costs and claims continue to increase, MEM focuses on factors that help lower the cost of coverage, such as the following:

  • Contacting wounded employees within 24 hours
  • Nurse case managers will be on hand to help with the healing process and prompt return to work
  • Program to decrease pharmaceutical prices via generic pharmacy options
  • Personnel knowledgeable in return-to-work programs, fraud, complicated medical problems, third parties, and large claims
  • Collaborations with well-established medical networks across Missouri

Missouri Employers Mutual provides workers compensation on a pay-as-you-go basis

Pay As You Go solutions simplify cash flow management and safeguard your company from high audit amounts. Missouri Employers Mutual thinks that safe workers are more productive and happier. Businesses–and their employees–can profit from the initiatives by proceeding with confidence.

Initiatives offered by the company include:

  • Fraud Prevention
  • Return to Work
  • Claim a Refund Virtual Claims Kit

Missouri Employers' premiums are divided into four categories.

The rate tier is determined by many variables, including the following:

  • Premium size and loss history
  • At-work exposure
  • Analyses of danger
  • Class code

The state of Missouri permits employers to self-insure or to use their own insurance to cover medical costs. Their choice is based on whether they are self-employed or not. If they are self-employed, they may pick any Missouri insurance carrier. Numerous states mandate businesses to buy medical insurance as a condition of compliance with their coverage requirements.

If you are injured on the job, your Missouri Employers Mutual insurance will pay for your medical expenses.

Why Get a Quote from Missouri Employers Mutual?

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