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Workers' Compensation Insurance from Liberty Mutual is the most economical way to protect your family and yourself if you are injured at work. If an injury occurs while you are at work, you don’t have much time to spare, which is why you need a good workers' compensation policy.

Liberty Mutual offers some of the lowest monthly premiums for their plans. However, regardless of the company or policy you select, you will still need to pay for whatever benefits you receive, and Liberty Mutual offers benefits that are worth every penny.

Liberty Mutual offers 24-hour assistance to its members. You will be able to contact this help line whenever you need to, from the time the accident occurs until your benefits become available. Your benefits will be processed immediately if you are eligible to receive them, and the claims department will begin the claims process for you.

You can contact the benefits department immediately if you need to file a claim and receive a claim number from the benefits department. You will also receive instructions on how to file a claim when you apply for coverage. In order to prevent missing a claim payment, you should make sure you know how to properly submit your claim number.

Risk management solutions for complex situations

Workers compensation (WC) insurance provides important protections for businesses and employees, including:

  • Covering loss of wages and medical expenses resulting from a work-related injury or illness
  • Employee recovery and return-to-work services
  • WC challenges are met through a collaborative approach and holistic strategies.

Liberty Mutual also offers services that allow their customers to:

  • Reduce the risk of accidents via the use of recommended procedures
  • Resolve claims fairly and expeditiously
  • Assist wounded workers in their rehabilitation
  • Receive services from a company that places a premium on connection and clarity - with clients and their workers alike. Liberty Mutual guarantees that wounded employees are supported and encouraged to recover throughout the treatment process, while also keeping employers informed and confident.

In a protective partnership

Liberty Mutual Insurance provides the following options to assist you in navigating the residual market, protecting your employees, and controlling your workers compensation costs:

  • Assigned risk underwriters experienced with a variety of sectors who dive in to grasp each client's unique problems and objectives.
  • A risk management expert who is familiar with industry-specific loss drivers and can provide solutions to assist enhance worker safety and reduce accidents and illnesses.
  • A full-time staff of premium auditors who ensure that premiums reflect the risks, coverages, and exposures we forecast correctly over time.
  • Injury claim experts that advocate for injured employees and seek to resolve disputes in a favorable manner.
  • While problems may occur, Liberty Mutual Insurance has the financial strength and stability to work with our clients to resolve unforeseen losses.

Liberty Mutual is a well-known company when it comes to workers' compensation and accidents. The business also has a specialized accident department that helps members in the event of an accident.

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