ICW Group offers lower workers' compensation rates

The ICW Group Insurance Company is one of the leading providers of group insurance in the country. Over 65 years have passed since the company began operations in Canada. Over 300,000 Canadian employees are served by the company through its various offices in Toronto, Ontario.

ICW Group Insurance offers

As part of employee coverage, ICW Group Insurance offers the following:

  • Health Benefits
  • Dental Benefits
  • Disability Insurance

The company provides a wide range of customized solutions for employers that includes:

  • Mental Health and Rehabilitation Services
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage for Executives and Directors
  • Critical Illness Coverage for CEOs
  • And More

As an industry leader, ICW Group assists policyholders in achieving fewer and less costly claims. The ICW Group is committed to meeting the needs of policyholders and to elevating the agents and brokers who advise them.

ICW Group is a national insurance company licensed in every state. The company targets a variety of small to mid-sized companies with three or more employees. They are an A-rated insurance company with a wide range of clients.

The following are some of their most popular programs:

  • Towing
  • Medical Care at Home
  • In-Home care
  • Professional Landscapers
  • Tree Services
  • Contractors in the Electrical Industry
  • Transportation
  • Automobile Repair Service
  • Services for Non-Profits
  • Contractors in the HVAC Industry
  • Electricians
  • Floor Installers
  • Motels and Hotels

As an industry leader, we are dedicated to meeting the requirements of our policyholders and elevating the agents and brokers who represent them. The business distributes its insurance products via an independent network of competent and experienced agents and brokers.

You need to protect your interests when running any company and providing worker's compensation insurance is one way to do so. Having a group insurance policy for employees comes with several benefits for them. First of all, they won't need to pay the cost of their own private insurance policy. In a group plan, they can be automatically enrolled in the employer's health insurance plan. They will, therefore, pay a lower premium for the group insurance policy than they would if they purchased a private policy.

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  • Affordable Workers' Compensation Insurance
  • Faster response. Faster resolution. Lower costs.
  • Personalized attention from examiners
  • AM Best Rating “A” (Excellent)
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