Provide your business or non-profit organization with excellent insurance coverage with GuideOne.

GuideOne Workers' Compensation Coverage is a large insurance provider that is active in North America. Workers' compensation coverage from GuideOne offers a variety of benefits and coverage options to meet the needs of policy holders and beneficiaries. It has been named "America's Leading Workers' Compensation Plan".

GuideOne offers a variety of worker's compensation plans

GuideOne offers a variety of worker's compensation plans including:

  • Covered Employer Fund (CEF)
  • Contractor Liability Insurance (CLI)
  • Medical Payments, Employment Disability Insurance (MED)
  • Reimbursement Arrangements (RA)
  • Workforce Insurance Options (WIP)

Most GuideOne Workers' Compensation plans provide the same basic benefits as other types of insurance coverage. However, each plan has its own personalized benefits and/or options that may be a better option for some employees in terms of reducing the financial burden of accidents and injuries. GuideOne insurance premiums are determined by the employee's personal circumstances.

  • Employees at the company have access to a variety of benefits.
  • Guideone workers' compensation is one of the most comprehensive and affordable plans available today.
  • The plan covers everything from injuries on the job to injuries that occur in your free time. 
  • Treatments, therapy, and surgery are also covered by the plan.
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    Covered Employer Fund (CEF)

    GuideOne Workers' Compensation Coverage is the most popular and widely requested type of insurance. Employees injured on the job are covered for medical and rehabilitation expenses. A covered employer fund can be used to pay for wages and medical expenses for injured employees, or to pay for the rehabilitation and medical care of an employee who has become disabled because of their employment-related injury or illness.

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    Employer Liability Coverage

    This is the second type of GuideOne Workers' Compensation coverage. The plan covers medical and rehabilitation expenses but does not cover any out-of-pocket expenses the employer may incur. This might not be an issue for some small companies. However, for large and medium companies, it can be crucial.

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    Employer Fund Replacement Plan (ERP)

    The third type of GuideOne Workers' Compensation Coverage is the Employer Fund Replacement Plan. This plan replaces GuideOne Workers' Compensation with a group health plan. Group health insurance plans offer significant cost savings. For example, GuideOne Workers' Compensation Coverage may offer a reasonable rate for a group health insurance plan that offers a substantial annual premium for treating an employee who has been injured on the job. These plans are an affordable alternative to employer-sponsored health insurance.

Affordable coverage and excellent claims service

GuideOne is a national insurance company licensed in all 50 states. Their focus is on small to mid-sized businesses with one or more employees. GuideOne is also an A-rated insurance company that writes a variety of coverages for small and medium-sized businesses.

Their services include:

  • A+ credit rating
  • Innovative religious programs
  • Liability and other lines of insurance
  • State-by-state coverage

Large employers and companies with thousands of employees also purchase GuideOne workers' compensation coverage. Employers must generally meet certain requirements in order to purchase this type of plan.

As a result of this type of coverage, the employer must either:

  • Provide employees with GuideOne Workers' Compensation Insurance or
  • Require them to purchase GuideOne Group Insurance

Most employers require GuideOne Workers' Compensation Coverage, but also give their employees the option of choosing GuideOne Insurance through their independent managed care provider. Independent managed care providers contract with GuideOne to provide this type of insurance coverage.

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