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It’s impossible to eliminate all construction-related hazards. However, Builders Mutual, is making every effort to do so. To minimize hazards, avoid penalties, and ensure the smooth running of your project, they provide safety instruction, risk management advice, and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Builders Mutual is an industry leader and an expert in coverage and safety education. Our visual identity expresses who we are succinctly and sets a graphic standard for all of our communications.

Builders Mutual is an American company that builds, rehabilitates, and compensates losses to its members. It provides insurance coverage exclusively for the building industry. It's not just a specialty; it is everything. Located in North Carolina, the company serves both the Southeast and the Mid-Atlantic. Builders Mutual is one of the leading insurance companies providing coverage to a wide range of industries in this field including residential, commercial, and industrial ventures.

The most comprehensive range of professional indemnity plans is offered by Builders Mutual.

Some of these are the following:

  • General Contractors
  • Architects
  • Painters
  • Engineers
  • Roofers
  • And Many Others

Builders Mutual provides two main product lines

Group Insurance Plan (GIP) and Individual Insurance Plan (IIP). Builders Mutual's Group Insurance Plan provides coverage for a number of common claims against property and is designed to protect the group's best assets - its owned buildings and properties. The Individual Insurance Plan covers workers compensation on site.

Builders Mutual insures its policyholders from various common sources:

  • Acts of Violence
  • Negligence
  • Death on the Job
  • Theft

Builders Mutual also offers another type of policy, the Builders Mutual Limited Policy, which offers additional flexibility to policyholders. With this plan, policyholders can choose a premium option that provides both benefit protection and lower premiums. In addition, policyholders remain eligible for additional discounts on their premiums if a new jobsite is developed and occupied.

Builders Mutual also participates in a number of other trade contractor programs. Builders Choice Program, Builders Mutual Partner Program, National Association of Builders Contractors (NACE) are a few examples.

Builders Mutual also participates in the New Economy Plan, a nationwide program providing discounted construction materials to small businesses.

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